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Paying by Cheque for Books Direct from Robin
If you would like to pay by cheque then please follow the instructions on this page. Please add the amount detailed below each item for postage and packaging. I will be happy to sign all books if requested, or to put in a dedication.  Please indicate to whom would you like the book dedicated. Send a cheque or postal order for the full amount to me: Robin Hanbury-Tenison, at Cabilla Manor, Bodmin, Cornwall. PL30 4DW
NEW THE MODERN EXPLORERS   Hardback £24.95 The Great Explorers   Hardback £24.95 Land of Eagles         NEW  Paperback £10.99 Hardback £14.95 The 70 Great Journeys in History   Hardback £24.95 Worlds Apart – An Explorer’s Life Paperback £10.95 Hardback £14.95 Worlds Within-Reflections in the sand Paperback £10.95 Hardback £14.95 The Oxford Book of Exploration   Hardback £10.95 Echoes of a Vanished World: A Traveller’s Lifetime in Pictures Paperback £14.95 Hardback £34.95 Beauty Freely Given: A Universal Truth, Artefacts from the Collection of Robin Hanbury-Tenison Paperback £14.95 Boxed set of Beauty Freely Given and Echoes of a Vanished World Paperbacks  £31.95* please add Hardback postage White Horses Over France Paperback £10.95 A Ride along the Great Wall Paperback £10.95 Fragile Eden Paperback £10.95 Spanish Pilgrimage Paperback £10.95 The Rough & the Smooth Paperback £10.95 A Question of Survival Paperback £10.95 A Pattern of Peoples Paperback £10.95 Mulu: The Rainforest Paperback £10.95 Postage costs Hardbacks UK £6.00 Mainland Europe £11.00 Rest of the world £20.00 Paperbacks UK £3.50 Mainland Europe £5.00 Rest of the world £8.00
Robins DVDs
Land of Eagles DVD £9.95 Special Offer Paperback and DVD £20.00 P&P UK £3.00 Mainland Europe £6.00 Rest of the world £10.00
Marika’s Books
For Better, For Worse Paperback £10.95 A Slice of Spice Paperback £10.95
Books as contributor
More Tales from the Travellers £14.95 Meetings with remarkable Muslims   £14.95 Capturing Carbon & Conserving Biodiversity £14.95 P&P UK £3.00 Mainland Europe £6.00 Rest of the world £10.00